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# Example Editor Code Lens can auto-magically pick a type and navigate you to the relevant code. For example, if we have a class of type **int** in a solution, and a method of type **void** in a module, Code Lens will automatically show you the signature of the method to navigate you to the relevant code. > This section introduces you to all of the features of Code Lens and how they work together. ## ? Table of Contents - [Getting Started](#getting-started) - [Step 1: Enable Code Lens](#step-1-enable-code-lens) - [Step 2: Enable Visual Studio](#step-2-enable-visual-studio) - [Step 3: Add some code to open](#step-3-add-some-code-to-open) - [Step 4: Explore Code Lens's capabilities](#step-4-explore-code-lenss-capabilities) - [Enable Visual Studio Code](#enable-visual-studio-code) - [Use Code Lens to navigate to the code](#use-code-lens-to-navigate-to-the-code) - [Use Code Lens to navigate to the definition](#use-code-lens-to-navigate-to-the-definition) - [Language Switcher](#language-switcher) - [Show all languages in a solution](#show-all-languages-in-a-solution) - [Show the names of all supported languages](#show-the-names-of-all-supported-languages) - [Example Editor](#example-editor) - [Auto-detect the type](#auto-detect-the-type) - [Navigate to the code of any symbol](#navigate-to-the-code-of-any-symbol) - [Navigate to the signature of any symbol](#navigate-to-the-signature-of-any-symbol) ## ?



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